The point of greek-island.info is to help people to find beaches quicker in their chosen Greek Island. Everyone knows Greek islands are like little paradises, with warm summers, lovely culture and food and not to mention crystal clear seas and fabulous beaches of all sort. This app is to help you filter through them and find one to visit.

I built this mock app as an experiment into microblogging. The app is advertising itself on twitter using the @greekisland handle to spread the word about the app and its features. Feel free to direct message me on twitter (@greekisland) with suggestions about the app. I'd welcome any recomendations for the app. Thank you!

Greek-island.info is a web app with information on Greek Island beach locations using Google APIs and Openweather APIs. This app is built using Oracle Apex on Enciva, an Oracle cloud hosting company.

Direct message me on Twitter with suggestions and comments

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